Sunday, April 20, 2014

Do I personally believe in an apocalypse, or an event of the sort occurring? Yes, yes I do.

Now why is that? I believe that our usage of resources at the rate at which we are will deplete the planet of its ability to sustain us, and thus fall into a state of barren wastelands. In turn, the human world will disintegrate as people fell into anarchy over supplies and goods... similarly to the scenario presented in the Hunger Games, albeit not as extreme.

This is known as a type of millenialism called environmentalism, where the problem would grow from either natural disasters or a disparity within our needs and the resources our surroundings.

As we continue our current usage of materials, especially when focusing on luxury and what we want rather than necessity and what we need, more people will need more resources with the population exploding. After that, prices will rise gradually, but to a great extent, and the amount of people who are able to buy goods and services will diminish greatly. There will be rising complaints in regards to the prices until people are out of the run in affording supplies like food and water until riots occur. Then, government will disintegrate and someone with military force will have to take the reins until... The Hunger Games takes place.

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