Sunday, April 6, 2014

What truly makes a leader? Is there a specific formula? Is it easy or hard?

Luckily, Dr. Casey, President of McDaniel College, was able to help us answer those questions.

One of the main traits of a successful leader involves the ability to take a fall and recover. Not only recover, but also to learn from their mistakes. If we take a look at a few leader-figures within the Hunger Games trilogy (namely, Snow, Katniss, and Coin), we can clearly see that Snow and Coin, the dictatorial figures, have a tendency to fear failure, as it would potentially result in the relinquishing of their power. The successful leader, Katniss, seems to make mistakes and pay for them dearly; however, while she does seem to fall to a low every time, she can pick herself back up and keep rising to the occasion.

Another important trait would involve a large amount of stamina, which means the ability to go about daily life whilst assuming your role of authority any time you would be required to. As Haymitch said, "you NEVER get off this train" to Katniss as she realized what her role as victor truly meant. A proper leader in this sense would be able to keep up with that, as in even in a grocery store if someone were to approach you with some sort of question in regards to the condition of the state (college, nation, etc.), you would be able to answer it. Katniss would be able to speak for the people as needed, especially during the propos, even when people within the hospital got blown up, which indeed struck Katniss both mentally and emotionally.

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